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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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await extraordinary legal representation. and way, way back in the way back machine in 2004 in february 2004 when mayor you newsom had a partner from day one who's been a partner with our community from day one please join me in welcoming our city attorney dennis herrera (clapping) >> thank you (clapping). >> thank you. thank you very much. you know, i, remember when we were standing on this years ago i just reminded mr. newsom about
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that now i can say whether or not you like it. (clapping) but you know hey listen he got a lot of heat about that but a lot at how things have changed. i have to tell you we wouldn't be here today without mayor newsom's leadership back in 2004 (clapping) >> he has been a true partner to our office and me personally throughout this struggle. i mean, i was proud to stand by him and to defend him and he was proud to stand by me when we decided to sue california for the equal rights of marriage. and to kate kendall and nc l r
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who have been our partners through this as well. i can't tell you how much i appreciate that. and i have to tell you gavin newsom was talking about leadership. i can remember in 2004 when people said it was too fast too soon and too much. i'm a firm believer you've got to kick the door in and do what's right and be morale. and to those people who said we were moving two face and too soon >> now the other 13 that have
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it we'll have it restored again and certainly that's about a legal case but it's about more than a legal case it's about challenging the hearts and minds of people and that's where all of you come in. we won't be here if it wasn't for the community helping us change the hearts and minds of people throat this country. we had a great victory at the supreme court because where we will have equal marriage and it's struck from the ledger. now i can tell you that you'll
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hear some proponents talking about how they're to go and continue litigating this. we're ready to go back into court again and we'll figure out not only to have equal it here in california and we'll not rest until we have marriage equal it throughout this country (clapping) and in closings i want to say you know the marriage equal it started in massachusetts and it achieved full lift off here in san francisco but i want to thank the american foundation for equal rights and the plaintiff's. i don't know is cleaving jones here. clech representing the american
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foundation of equal rights chad griffin we all worked together and thanks so much for everything you did. we couldn't have achieved the success here today without you. i'd like to ask terry stuart worked day and night i want to give them a chance to talk about. thank you >> thank you (clapping). >> i never see me at the poumd without the opinion in my hand. i want to add we're excited
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about getting marriage equality back it upholds this supreme court decision but you know there's a doma case and a lot of people fought about it but when we work together great things happen and in the doma case the court expressed a equal protection. so i'm really great deal of to the people who work so hard on the doma case and the people who were the plaintiffs in the cases and await us both working together we have this two part victory so we should celebrate
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both. thank you (clapping) >> we have, you know, we're blessed no san francisco to have amazing leadership. our mayor and former mayor and city attorney and the people in the city attorney's office office and then the leadership in this city on the board of supervisors level per we're going to hear from 3 of our members of the board of supervisors we need to thank them for making san francisco this amazing place to live. ground zero in which so much energy comes and for them to obviously tell us congratulate on this city and statewide and a country you wide vicious. please welcome president chiu
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(clapping) >> what is great day. (clapping) i am honored to help represent the board of supervisors that included a man who was looking upon us today. at the top of those stairs is a statute a bust of a man named harvey milks (clapping) and harvey milk told us we had to have hope and that hope lives on today. (clapping) i want to take a moment just to - if everyone could look at the beauty of this crowd. everyone in this room came in here because san francisco has been a beacon of hope.
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i sat on the board when the law was made and a today, our supreme court has struck that allowing law down (clapping) >> today, the supreme court has said our lgbt brothers and sisters have a right to the pursuit of marriage equality. so goes san francisco and so goes california so goes the country. thank you for being here (clapping) i agree with president chiu but since i'm here i don't want any
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more people from hate coming. i really want to give a warm welcome to supervisor david campos who has led on some many issues. supervisor david campos (clapping) >> thank you, you know, it's a very emotional moment for us from the lgbt community. thank you, mayor lee and all it's so many people who have made it possible for us to be here. we heard about harvey milk who gave his life in this building. i'm glad it was recognized. the reality is the first time
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the highest court in the land is recognizing our rights. that's something that's never happened in the whole history of mississippi my country. me and my partner says we are people that have dignity and respected that's a what this means (clapping) and i know that mayor newsom or governer likes the word extra ordinary but the country is sending a message because lgbt
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community that their rights were not ongoing by now they have to pay attention. we're now going to end with marriage equality there has to be equality for all of us including our transgender >> his leadership has been extraordinary not only in his district it's going to be the site of a tremendous celebration this evening so have fun but really citywide and really statewide seeing as a tremendous
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leader supervisor scott wiener (clapping). >> thank you. thank you although the voters are annoy my - i want to thank my former boss city attorney dennis herrera. i remember back almost a decade ago from the very first moment he was there for our community along with our lieutenant governer and dennis thank you for your leadership >> i've had the honor of coming into this building and for those of you coming here there's a lot of marriages that are constantly happening here.
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and for the last few years everyone is happy they're getting married but it's a constant reminded there's no gay people getting married but today those married are going to get a little bit more diverse so thank you (clapping) and on a little bit more personal note a gay man in the 1980s when thing weren't great it was a time of fear when we had a president who won't say the words aids or hiv. this community is so damn resilient we fought and move forward and we did it again here
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we have more challenges to come but we're going to beat every single challenge. so congratulations everyone (clapping) >> there are so. other leaders and elected leaders but many of them are in the crowd and standing behind me if you see them spot them and go up to them and tell me thank you. so very quickly i want to acknowledge assembly member bill and city treasurer
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(clapping) >> our assessor carmen chu. supervisor mike farrell (clapping) supervisor ms. cowen (clapping) supervisor london breed. supervisor kathy changing and supervisor jane kim (clapping) our fire chief joanne hayes (clapping) our police chief greg sir, (clapping) and i just as a personal note you know your living in the right city with a fire chief and
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the police chief show up (clapping) our city administrator who is going to have a very big job ahead in the coming weeks. joanne kelly and commissioners andrea and tom nolan and michael (clapping) and i want to close that i under scoring the point. we're going to celebrate today like you can't believe. and we're going to have a hell of a time.
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and it's going to be one amazing fing pride weekend (clapping) and we deserve it. we've worked hard for that. all of you made it possible so every tough conversation you had with your family and i'm not coming home unless you let me bring my boyfriend but remember every one of us came from somewhere where the n protections even in the face of those ruling. so there's many of our lgbt partners are watching with a -
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their day to day life in 37 states is not going to change so our commitment has to be look what we're doing here and we're going to help you where you live. we're not going to leave anyone behind. have a great day. have a great weekend
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>> good morning. thank you. the meeting will come to order. welcome to the regular meeting other government oversight and audit committee. i am malia cohen. to my left is supervisor katy tang to my left is david campos. i would like to thank the
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people of sfgtv, i don't have the names in front of me. thank you for broadcasting this meeting. and clark are there any announcements? >> clerk calonsag: yes. please be sure all devices are turned off. and documents are turned into. >> i found the names, jennifer low and jesse larson. item number one. >> clerk calonsag: (reading agenda) >> are you from the department of human resources? >> i am. >> wonderful. >> this amendment simply changes one wordor to and. requiring the nurses outside of per diem achieve the prerequisite hours, in order to
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move up in the next salary step. that's it. >> colleagues do you have anything you would like to add or questions? is there any member of the public it would like to speak to this item? public comment is open. seeing none public comment is closed. gvl is there a motion for this item? thank you supervisor campos. motion passes without objection. item two. >> clerk calonsag: (reading) >> supervisor cohen: please come up to the podium, anthony ababam (sounds like) from the
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controllers office. >> thank you members from the committee, my name is anthony -- from the controllers office. i do for you is issuance of tax exempt obligations to finance the town school project. the resolution acknowledges -- and allows the issues to proceed on a tax-exempt basis. there is representatives in attendance if you have questions specific to the project. typically these items are heard in the budget binds committee thank you for allowing us to be here today. there is no fiscal impact of the city. no budget analyst report. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. colleagues any questions on this? public comment is now open. >> my name is nancy trust; i
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want to be fully informed on the subject matter. i go to the clerks office. i understand from the vivi speaker that some public hearing was held in an office however that he say he had something in his office? a public hearing? >> supervisor cohen: this is all the comment. you can a question and i can bring up staff. >> i am trying to be informed. the audio isn't very clear. i want to know somebody said there was a hearing on this matter in this office? did he say there was? >> supervisor cohen: let's bring up staff to answer this question. >> the staff is going to answer. >> yes ma'am. the notice for public hearing is published in the san francisco chronicle on may 15th. the hearing was held may 30th. >> supervisor cohen: so would
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you like to speak on this item? >> i want to speak on this item but i want to speak informatively. referring what i thought i heard. i don't understand about a public hearing being held without some kind, some more notice simply in the examiner. paid advertisement is not the same as an notice hearing, notice to the people reading in the library. i believe that it has not been cover mice by that. i am here and i am objecting to your spending 19 million dollars off the your perspective benefits to the city in >> supervisor in tax by waiver, what is happening is the gender discretionary investment.
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we just have a decision from the supreme court against the discrimination on sexual orientation. there is no less discrimination here that is already prohibited by law, by gender. this is a private school for boys. there's nothing comparable for girls. the committee on the state -- that met yesterday has had no information about this. there is no opportunity for this matter for consideration of gender discrimination and i think you should go before the whole board, open to public input on whether or not this is unjustified discrimination by gender. >> supervisor cohen: the bell that rang indicate your public comment is up. i would like the district attorney to talk about public notice. >> ken drew, deputy city
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attorney through chair; this matter is governed by internal code relations and all that is required is that a publication, and that is be published in a newspaper of general circulation for years we have used the chronicle and or the examiner. the legal requirements are clearly met here and i should also add that there are no city funds that will be used for this project. but the city is doing is allowing its tax exemption to be used to issue bonds but no city monies will be used for this madam chair. >> supervisor cohen: thank you for the clarification. t think that answers your question. are there any other members of the public that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. (gavel) motion to move to the full board. unanimously passed without objection. madam clerk -- >> (off mic) would you note my
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objection in your minutes? >> supervisor cohen: you are on the record. item 3. >> (reading) >> supervisor cohen: we have supervisor mark farrell's aid, -- as well as susanna robbins from film commission. >> good morning catherine stephanie legislative aid two supervisor mark farrell who would be here but he's and budget negotiatio. nsit has been a great success ringing in high-profile films, one of the most recent is woody allen's film blue jasmin. our office 00 added a
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documentary film to the rebate program. we are here today because we need an amendment to the rebate program again in order to continue the success of it. we have found that although the film rated program is attractive to many producers we are now falling short on city space available for the some production companies. this legislation would allow the executive director on the phone commission to lease space for production companies after determining there is knows city space available. -- maximum of 600,000 dollars. no budget analyst report is necessary. there is no fiscal impact. we are only dealing with the funds that are already in the program, so susanna can come up and speak to you as to why this is such a necessary change at this time. thank you. >> good morning, thank you for
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having me speak here today. i am susanna robbins, executive director of the film commission. as you know filming and production for movies, televisions and commercials attribute to san francisco in numerous ways. it provides just the local crew and background extras, a creative town of local spending and contributes to worldwide recognition of our city and its icons. this in turn keep the profile of our city front and central that contributes to one of your most potent economic development tools: tourism. san francisco has been that location for some of the most recognized movies and television shows from the streets of seven sfsan francisco, mrs. doubtfire,